Range of Marketing Materials for Successful Promotion

Tata Nexarc is a digital organization established by the Tata Group to holistically address the needs of B2B digital platforms for emerging businesses in India. With a vision to create value for these businesses, the company aims to enable their growth, solve challenges, and optimize processes through a range of trusted and affordable software, services, and solutions.

Problem statement :

The client approached us to utilize our expertise in designing a range of marketing materials, including a powerpoint presentation, brochures, videos, flyers, etc. for their website. These materials were aimed at attracting MSME merchants and showcasing
the benefits and value of using Tata Nexarc’s platform. By leveraging our design skills, Tata Nexarc seeked to make a strong impression on potential customers and drive business growth.

Strategy and approach :

With the understanding that Tata Nexarc is a startup, we approached their design requirements with a focus on usability, accessibility, and visual appeal. We utilized appropriate templates and colors, incorporating visually appealing elements throughout all of their materials. The mailers were designed as web pages, featuring creative images, content, and illustrations that played a crucial role in the design process. Our goal was to create a cohesive and attractive visual experience that would support the growth of Tata Nexarc’s business.

Vajra’s value addition :

Our team successfully met the client’s high-demand project requirements, working efficiently and adapting to their agile approach. We consistently delivered on challenging tasks and met stringent timelines, consistently demonstrating our ability to handle demanding projects with success.

Designing Business Success with Tata Nexarc.

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