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TVS Courier

TVS courier

Comprehenisive Brand Identity & Web Design for a Leading Courier Service Brand

Rico Logistics acquired and rebranded as TVS couriers, which is a part of TVS supply chain solutions covers number of logistics and courier services serving multiple sectors.

TVS courier

Problem statement:

TVS Couriers sought Vajra Global as they wanted to redesign and rebuild their website from scratch completely. They also wanted to revamp their established color scheme. Their initial website's main challenge was that it was content-heavy, and had non-intuitive navigation and images that needed a clear purpose. The 32 locations of the company also needed a clear representation of information.

TVS Couriers

Vajra's Value Addition:

Vajra Global's design team's main challenge was identifying a unique theme since the client did not have a brand book.
Vajra Global helped them finalize the colors and typography; based on that; we designed their website.

TVS courier

Strategies and approach:

We simplified the design process by setting up a systematic development of brand in alignment of business strategy.

TVS courier

Last Line:

We defined the direction of the brand together!