Art of Storytelling: Presentation and Flyer Designs

NOBA is a UK-based company that provides top-notch Wi-Fi services for live events. They cater to the needs of the industry by offering high-quality, reliable, and secure Wi-Fi solutions. Their clientele comprises prominent international brands, event planning agencies, production companies, and venues, who trust NOBA for their Wi-Fi needs.

Problem statement :

The client sought the assistance of our team with the goal of elevating their brand image through the development of high-quality marketing materials. One of the main challenges faced by our team was to cater to the stringent design standards and expectations of the European market. This required a deep understanding of the cultural nuances and design aesthetics that are prevalent in the region.

Strategy and approach :

The project scope included the creation of a corporate deck and a flyer. The client provided the initial content inputs, along with their logo, to be incorporated as part of their brand materials. Our designer utilized professional design templates to effectively convey the content shared by the client. The design templates were carefully selected to ensure that the final output would accurately reflect the client’s brand image and messaging.

Vajra’s value addition :

The corporate deck and flyer designed by our team played a crucial role in supporting the client’s brand communication strategy. The professional design, combined with relevant content, made the materials visually appealing and engaging. This helped drive brand recognition and increase brand recall among their target audience. The client was extremely satisfied with the final output, and the materials were instrumental in achieving their marketing objectives.

Elevating Brand Awareness among Key Stakeholders

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