Perfecting the SM Calendar: Guiding and Positioning

Problem statement :

The client is a Japanese AI-powered testing automation provider. After exploring the Japanese market, the client reached out to us to penetrate the Indian market. The goal was to explain the concept and solution with a compelling video. It had to be executed
in Indian flavours so that it resonates with the target audience in this geography.

Strategy and approach :

To create a strong strategy and execution, it was necessary to ensure complete domain understanding. In order to attract, engage and convert the right target audience, a 2D animation was created with appropriate characters, situations and USPs.

Vajra’s value addition :

Communicating with a non-english speaking client from a different timezone, we conducted workshops to understand the solution and ensured that it was communicated effectively to the target audience in an apt manner. With a steep deadline of 4 weeks, our teams worked round to clock to reduce the turnaround time to 2 weeks.

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