Problem Statement:

The client approached us to help them enhance their branding, increase their awareness, and improve their sales online.

Vajra’s Value Addition:

A detailed social media strategy was devised to help connect the target audience on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.
PPC campaigns such as Google ads,SMS marketing and e-mail marketing were done to increase awareness. Other robust marketing strategies which were recommended by Vajra Global include Influencer marketing, YouTube marketing, and Amazon product pages.

Customized blogs were also created by the in-house content team in order to connect with the target audience in the various stages of the consumer journey. We became their extended digital marketing arm and enabled them to improve their brand awareness, sales and customer base.

Highlights of the Project:

Vajra Global’s main objective was to expand the client base based on age, demographics, geographic location, and profession. Based on the market analysis, they wanted to increase awareness amongst women as they were the primary decision-makers regarding the health and well-being of a family.

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