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Tackling Challenges of Full-Service Branding Creation

Problem statement:
TVS SCS had different websites in different countries like India, UK, Australia, US. The main problem statement highlighted was the need for a single global website that contained integrated information about services offered in different countries.


Vajra’s Value Addition:
Developed the website as per the client’s requirements. Vajra Global provided an end-to-end design service and was able to accomodate challenges such as short-timelines and the need for large number of design assets. The internal UI/UX team’s helped create relevant user journeys for different users from different countries.


Strategies and approach:
We evaluated the list of current websites across the different countries and reached out to various stakeholders to ensure a seamless integration of messaging across the multiple assets to be designed.


Last Line:
We facilitated strong connections using world-class designs on marketing collaterals.

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