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Finance Management
17 min read

8 upcoming Instagram accounts that help demystify finance management

Arjun just bagged a job in an IT company, and within the first week financial advice started pouring in. While friends told him to invest in the stock market, the family told him to set up an insurance pla. He, however, wanted to save up to buy his dream home. Watching business news or reading articles confused him even more, and Arjun was unsure how to achieve his financial goals.

Recently, Arjun got in touch with his best friend, Vishal (a media employee for the last two years), who happened to make some prudent and lucrative market investments. On further discussions, he learned that apart from being insured, Vishal also managed to buy his desired car. Arjun was surprised how Vishal managed this without any formal education in finance. Vishal then let Arjun in on a secret - personal blog instagram benefits even rookie investors.. He had been using social media to conduct primary research and get a grip on finance management concepts.

From a company perspective, are there any benefits of an instagram business account? As per a survey conducted by Facebook, 81% of people opted for Instagram to research products and services. While it may not seem the first preference to learn the practice of good financial management, it is increasingly popular and cannot be ignored. Instagram provides the right information in a crisp and easily consumable format. Vishal decided to explore this option to get light-hearted insights and he was pleasantly surprised by the results. Not only did he gain actionable solutions, the platform helped shatter the myth that finance was complicated. He chose to avoid information-heavy accounts (such as money control, financial times, etc.) and select accounts with more engaging content.

Here is his list of 8 go-to Instagram handles that helped him demystify finance management:


Do technical analysis concepts such as upper circuit, stop loss, candlesticks, pump-and-dump, etc., make your head spin? Do Greek options sound like Latin to you? Then follow this stock market focused account with an overall aim to promote financial literacy in India. With over 6 lakh followers, this account is frequented owing to its ability to provide relevant and prompt financial market news and updates.

Get a sneak-peek into which stock hit its 52-week high, which IPOs have been announced, or even read about investing in food industry companies. Even investors can derive business benefits of using Instagram using information ranging from the market’s biggest losers to best business deals and from company result announcements to snapshots of speeches and budgets.


Imagine you are drinking coffee at Starbucks and wonder, “How did this company enter the coffee business?” Or you get a news flash that Zomato is coming out with an IPO and deliberate, “Which food aggregator is valued higher - Zomato or Swiggy? Before you invest in any company, it is common knowledge that it is essential to be aware of its history, latest news, or markers indicating company expansion or contractions. 

Thegameofbrands is the Instagram account that provides business benefits of using Instagram by quenching for business knowledge from the corporate financial management angle. For example, if you want to invest in Tata Consumer Products Ltd. but are looking for researched content on how it entered the branded tea business – then this Instagram handle has got you covered!


With Instagram’s increasing popularity, financial start-ups such as InvestyWise are not the ones to be left behind. The young company incorporated to provide investment and trading education today has substantial and knowledgeable blogs on its website. So, what incentivizes someone to visit Investywise on Instagram? 

Positioned as a Certified Investment Advisor, even a person without basic finance knowledge can access validated snippets of information. Followers have access to simple tips such as most profitable IT companies or most held stocks by mutual fund houses. Additionally, they can view macro-level discussions such as - Is a particular company undervalued? How does the prime minister manage his finances, or what are the home ministers’ top holdings? Fascinating, right?


Did you know, while 44% of the global population financially grows by making stock market investments, India benefits just 2% in comparison? Did you know myfinology provides statistics and information in this manner? Yes, that’s how this financial advisor indulges in finance content marketing.

Two young entrepreneurs (ex-alumni of NISM) founded the company in 2018. Its Instagram handle provides information blurbs in the form of questions. For instance, why are airlines not profitable? How do food delivery apps earn money? Why does Dominoes offer free Pizza? As a consumer of content, hasn’t it piqued your interest?


What happens when four ex-Flipkart employees put their heads together to create a Fin-Tech firm? It became a company valued at more than $1 billion in just five years. Groww started as an online investment platform with a focus on financial education content. Its Instagram handle mainly provides daily market digests, announces live discussions and masterclasses, IPO dissection, company or sectoral analysis, etc. Importantly, this account has achieved the status of a ‘blue tick’ account (Instagram’s highest level of account authenticity), thereby reaping the benefits of instagram’s business account


Does a personal blog on instagram benefit investors? This Instagram handle is proof that finance content marketing can be as successful as a one-person show. With over 1.77 Lakh followers, the content on this page goes beyond basic financial literacy by adding a creative flavor. You can learn about the couch potato portfolio, dosa economics, the dark side of the stock market, or the time Trump sued an Indian bank. Its bite-sized universally applicable content is mainly in the form of carousels or reels.


Who says drinks and business don’t mix? Not in the literal sense course, but we are hinting at an Instagram account being a cocktail of finance and youthful content. Set up by two ex-investment women bankers, it preliminarily aimed at educating and instilling financial independence in women. As a personal blog, instagram benefits were initially posts that gave out fun facts or webinar details. Now, they have now beautifully transitioned into a video format popularly known as reels. It includes catchy questions such as - how to beat inflation, how to revamp your health insurance, considerations before taking a home loan, how to retire at the age of 40? This handle’s appealing content provides the answer to all these questions and resonates with all demographics.


When you follow this page, you are assured of daily 3-minute newsletters that simplify financial and business terms. As a non-finance professional, you can effortlessly grasp concepts like credit swaps, the bitcoin scoop, currency manipulators, etc. The benefits of instagram marketing are clearly visible in this handle's gripping and unique content. One such intriguing post was the illustration that used rats to explain the concept of ‘misplaced incentives.’

The page provides insights into business concepts such as - is it expensive to manufacture eco-friendly cars or will there be a dip in India’s sugar exports, what are umbrella entities, etc. Scrolling through a few more posts, one identifies the underlying global perspective of providing answers to why the EU wants to strengthen the Euro or why China’s Indian imports are rising.


With 1.2 billion monthly users, Instagram is among the top 10 most visited sites by traffic. Owing to this trend, it is progressively displacing primary research. Benefits of instagram marketing such as a larger audience, quicker availability of information, and effortless comprehension have added to this platform’s popularity. Further, as social media discussions are more personal, the affinity between a service provider and service consumer tends to be more cohesive.

Earlier the advantages of using instagram for business and personal objectives were unheard of. Today, with enough information at hand, Arjun has decided on a tax-saving insurance plan and purchased a few solid stocks. He has even invested in a Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) to save up for his dream home. Hence, instagram handles with the goal of financial literacy are now attempting to break down knowledge barriers to help customers overcome uncertainty in any investment decision.

As a corporate financial management company, wouldn’t you want to establish such a connection with your consumers and enable them to make confident, informed decisions? With the mushrooming consumer needs and enhanced social interactions, financial companies need to comprehend the advantages of using instagram for business to implement their content marketing strategies. Content and Digital Marketing companies assist in designing personalized and quirky solutions and help assess the digital metrics (number of impressions, bounce rate, etc.) associated with them. Click Here to know more.