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Inbound Marketing Strategies
11 min read

4 Most Proven Inbound Marketing Strategies for Tech Companies

Being a successful tech company in 2021 means having a solid marketing plan that would outshine the competitor and create value for your customers, not just bring awareness to the brand. Gone are days where marketing agencies pester the public with random advertisements for the products that they don't need. Today we know better - the Inbound Marketing Strategy is changing the businesses' approach to their potential customers. Perfected by Brian Halligan, Hubspot CEO, the inbound marketing strategy adapts a customer-centric approach in marketing. Here unlike regular outbound marketing, Customers are reached out with relevant content that answers their questions and imparts them with valuable information. Customers who need your business' help are identified by their search behaviour and login histories. Another important reason, particularly for a tech company to adapt inbound marketing tactics, is that tech companies have audiences outside their own geographical location. This is why content marketing is a key methodology for raising awareness for your company. 

Companies adopting inbound marketing strategy are on a path of critical business growth? Whereas companies that have not yet infused inbound marketing tactics as their primary marketing of choice are on a downward spiral and will be forced to play catch up later. Traditional marketing is failing today as it does not understand the importance of content for customers and the role it will play in the whole marketing presentation of the future. Most users who are on the internet for tech solutions are looking for actionable information. They don't want your promises that say you know what you are talking about. Customers need to be convinced by the insight you share. Customers' expectation after one of their searches is to leave with an increase in their personal knowledge base, which is what inbound marketing tactics are all about. 

As one of the most result-oriented marketing methods in content, inbound marketing agencies have managed to increase businesses' sales and widen the brand presence with the inbound tactics. Content is a sure-fire way to drive up the audiences' engagement with your brand and better engagement will always result in better business, thus guaranteed growth. But what are some best practices of inbound for tech companies to take advantage of? Continue reading to know the four most proven inbound marketing strategies for tech companies based on the ROI. 

1. Become tech teachers with ebooks and how-to guides

Remember how we discussed before, about the abundance of users strolling all over the web looking for tech solutions for their tech problems? Ebooks and how-to guides are the perfect types of these solutions that you can capitalize on. Most well-reputed tech companies have understood this and have provided solutions on these forms on a variety of customer problems. These not only increase website visits but will also make you the authority on your domain. Ebooks are great tools that offer great value for your customers. Most of the appeal of the ebooks comes from their downloadable quality, which creates a sense of ownership over useful information for your customers. You can leverage these useful ebooks for a simple sign up from the customer, which will help you to identify your customer and then in remarketing. How to guide and how-to videos are another great way to engage with your customers for their solution. 

2 . Make email marketing one of your go-to marketing campaigns

Email marketing evidently has the highest ROI of any strategy. This is because you are only reaching out to potential customers who have given up their contact details in exchange for your valuable content like ebooks etc. According to Hubspot, 83% of B2B inbound marketing agencies/companies use email newsletters for their content marketing and 40% of these companies credit their content marketing success to email newsletters. Inbound marketing companies attain great awareness for their content through email marketing. You can increase your entire content reach with the strategic use of email marketing. It is a popular myth that customers don't read their emails. In fact, they read all of their emails when they are relevant. Tech companies promoting their brand can use frequent, relevant emails with their customers to build an authentic relationship. 

3. Don't lose out on social media presence

It is crucial for tech companies or any company to have an active social media presence by regularly putting out original and informational content. The benefit of an active social media presence is that you gain authority over your field through consistent posts and reach a wider audience, spreading awareness of your brand. But like all things, handling social media can be done poorly, so it is important to be cautious and plan how to approach them beforehand. These days social media is where your company's PR happens. Aside from your website, your social media account represents your brand image, and it is through them your customer decides how approachable you are. You can use your social media account for short posts and snippets of blogs. You can also use them as a platform for promoting the larger content of your website, such as blogs and case studies, for more interested customers, thus increasing your website traffic. All things considered, you should choose a social media platform where you can find the right audience. For example, it is a good idea for a B2B tech company to invest in LinkedIn where most of their target audience present. 

4. Set up the best user experience on your website

Our final advice as a B2 inbound marketing agency should be your very first one to implement. Websites are the gold standard for doing business in this modern age. It is the foundation of your company's digital identity, where the majority of your content marketing happens. It is where your customer comes to engage with your brand. Therefore your website should be built and customized to have a smooth user experience. Further, Google is updating its algorithm regularly so that brands with valuable content and smooth user experience (as per upcoming user experience algorithm update) are rewarded. 

Customers' psyche has become so sophisticated for finding any success with an outbound marketing strategy in the changing competitive landscape. Customers now recognize brands and accept them only when the brands offer them valuable information through their content, which is why tech companies and other businesses are required to embrace inbound marketing strategies and engage with customers with a consistent flow of content. The trick is to have a marketing strategy without sounding like one. 

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