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Get Conversional with Linkedin

LinkedIn has established itself as the platform for professionals of all fields to connect with their peers and enhance their professional visibility. It is used to exchange information, ideas and knowledge to establish themselves as thought leaders in their respective areas of expertise. It is the perfect platform that will help you with your business growth strategies.

Having established the obvious, let’s move on to why you need to be on it. This is a social network for professionals. Yes, your company has a website. And no, you are not promoting your company here. This is all you. You are bringing to the fore your career and your personal success work stories.

How does LinkedIn Marketing Help

LinkedIn is for anyone who not only wishes to try to work opportunities but also look more serious on the professional front. The proverb, ‘Tell me your friends and I will tell you who you are’ can be applied magnificently to LinkedIn.

With LinkedIn marketing, you are portraying the professional side of you in a very clear and efficient manner. As this platform caters to professionals, you can enhance your visibility to the right universe in the right way.

You can use it to get in touch with old colleagues, prospective leads and just about anyone whose work you admire.

Why Linkedin Marketing Strategy

Should you be on it? Absolutely yes. It gives you a chance to create a complete and interactive resume with a record that can show years of professional activity. Enhance your business growth strategies with LinkedIn.

LinkedIn Marketing can be used as you deem fit. Customize it to suit your requirements

  • Expand your business by searching for leads and converting them to clients.
  • Create a buzz in the professional world with your work and opinions.
  • Join the right groups and stay updated on industry intelligence.
  • Meet new professionals and exchange innovative ideas.
  • Increase your credibility in your field with the right content.

The best part is that you can use this to apply for jobs. Just connect the link to your LinkedIn profile to your mail to your prospective employee, and you have saved yourself lots of time and energy. Just make sure that your profile is always updated.

Key Features of LinkedIn

What started as a platform for seeking job opportunities has now been converted into the world’s most extensive professional networking. Understanding the features of this platform can help you take care of your professional profile.

  • Search for connections in specific fields with advanced search option
    A carrot is strictly for a rabbit, not a lion. The same rule applies to the LinkedIn Platform. With the help of the filer, you can create
  • Manage your connections - view in incognito, hide your contacts, Export your connections, save your searches
  • Highlight your skills and endorsements
  • Create LinkedIn Showcase pages
  • LinkedIn Messenger

The latest Feature - That you cannot ignore

Your Linkedin Marketing Strategy can become more awesome.

Statistics show that over 2.5 billion people use various messaging services on their phones to stay connected. That amounts to 35% of the world, and it is more than likely to increase by 5% in the next three years. The amount of time spent on these messengers amounts to an average of three hours a day. There is a deliberate shift to include one-on-one persona conversations on the LinkedIn Platform via the messenger. And this number has quadrupled over the last five years.

LinkedIn’s Latest feature has enhanced the messenger to help you turn your conversations into quality conversions. This is to ensure that while the connection takes place on the platform, there is scope for regular engagement as well.

Presenting Conversation Ads.

This is an evolution to LinkedIn’s messaging-based ad format that brings custom interaction in engaging ways. Formerly known as sponsored InMails, this Conversation Ad allows you to choose your own journey to create a comprehensive funnel campaign. It can incorporate multiple personalized calls-to-action such as e-book downloads, signups for webinars and demos of products.

It is necessary to understand how the prospect feels about the project and where they are in the journey. LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads are designed to provide carefully assessed content to interest the prospect and drive higher-quality engagement.

The best part is that these Conversation Ads can be modified and merged with other features such as conversion tracking and lead generation forms to create customers out of conversations. Being designed for real-time communications, the messages can be sent when the party is online on the LinkedIn Platform. And possibly in the right frame of mind.

LinkedIn has converted monologues into dialogues with the LinkedIn Conversation Ads.

What can you do with the LinkedIn Conversation Ad

  • Deepen the engagement with the prospect
  • Have real-time conversations
  • Show quality prospect care
  • Clarify doubts instantly by understanding the prospect’s intent
  • Ensure creation of a customer with personalized CTA

Vajra: Your LinkedIn Partner

This is where we come in. We help you

  • Create a buyer’s persona
  • Approach your prospects by analyzing their LinkedIn Profiles
  • Choose the right campaign objective
  • Create engaging conversations that convey your objective
  • Bring in invaluable insights regarding your prospects
  • Connect them with you when they express interest in your products/services

Additionally, we analyze your profile and provide you with expert insights on how to make it more SEO-friendly and engaging to attract prospects. Enhance your business growth strategies by presenting yourselves in the best light possible.

With the COVID-19 Lockdown, businesses are congregating on the online platform. This is the time to make the most of your LinkedIn Platform and bring in the right customers. Digital marketing has become the need of the lockdown. Perfect your LinkedIn Profile and connect with the right audience to expand your customer base. LinkedIn’s Conversation Ads are here to convert your prospects into customers.

Online marketing must happen, no matter what.