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SaaS Inbound Marketing
10 min read

SaaS Inbound Marketing Strategy

SaaS Inbound Marketing Service

Good SaaS Inbound Marketing strategy starts with having your SaaS product in the hands of right people. It is essential to have a sketch of your buyer persona which consists of your ideal customers, their personalities and pain points. It can make a massive difference in B2B or B2C if you get those people who need your product. It is challenging to develop the right buyer personas since they are all different. If you do not have the right buyer persona, then your campaign is only focusing on your product or services. Buyer persona will represent your target market, but it needs to be build up with proper research. If you have limited information about your prospects, then their pain points are not addressed, and they will look for other options.

To design your SaaS Inbound Marketing campaign for Multiple personas, you need to ensure you reach to everyone with relevant information when their needs and concerns are different. Let’s discuss some ways to do it.

1.Identify which personas should be important

It will not be helpful if you focus on every type of person who would need your product. Hence, you need to find which customer type will be most valuable and plan accordingly. If you focus on your primary personas, it will help you get inside their heads and understand their needs and pain points deeply. By following tips, you can create the best buyer personas

  • There will be different personalities of your customers, but you need to think about your best customers who are easy to work with and provide the best margin
  • Then, you need to know everything about them- their age, education, etc.
  • Think about pain points for your customers. Why do they need you? Are they under any pressure or deadline? Is quality their problem? Is cost their problem?
  • Then find answers to further questions- why do they need a cost-effective solution? The answer might be because their boss is looking for cutting costs. Once you have answered all the “why” questions, you will be able to understand your persona’s pains
  • Conduct interviews or surveys to sharpen your answers and develop the persona.
  • In the end, you need to “get into character”. You can do this by putting yourself in the same situation as your customer’s pain point and figuring out how to solve the pain.
  • In this way, you will know what content your prospects want to read which helps in lead conversion.

2.Need to find the benefits that are common to all personas

Once you are aware of main personas, you need to find things in common. What are the challenges all have in common or what benefits software offers to all? A Venn diagram can be used to help identify the benefits across all personas and to create content that would appeal to everyone like an overall messaging and positioning that speaks to everyone. This step helps you to connect with your customer base and make you reach out to your customers in such a way that recognizes them and acknowledges their leads.

3.Build individualized campaigns for multiple personas

The truth of marketing is that prospects respond much better if you can deliver a relevant message. Any message that is not relevant can hurt your brand with prospective leads and drive them away. Based on data, 29% of people say that they will mostly not buy products from the company which sends inappropriate messages. When prospects come to your website due to PPC ad, they find themselves looking at a page which meets the needs of another persona. Hence, they bounce and not return.

It is essential to create distinct campaigns for each persona to deliver relevant content to them. This will help to create campaigns that can easily influence each persona’s decision-making process. To create persona-based campaign, you need to define following things

  • Trigger events: Prospects will be facing some challenges or will be taking actions. These events need to be identified. Accordingly, content is delivered which provides a solution.
  • Keywords: If you have understood the trigger events by the personas, you will be able to identify the keywords which persona needs. These keywords need to be put in your content in all stages of buyer’s journey

4.Create personalized content and need to organize internal data

We discussed how important it is to develop content that can appeal to all the personas on your homepage. Next, we need to indicate a visual of where your visitors need to go based on their persona. Buffersite or Examsoft are few examples that use this method to create a relationship with their prospects. Once you have done customized positioning for a specific persona, the page can offer benefits or resources based on their requirements. This helps to influence their decision-making process and leads to conversion quickly. It is crucial not only to create content but ensure that your target audience can find the content without any effort. The internal data needs to be kept in different segments for following reasons

  • If internal data is not up to date, then you will not be able to categories the leads into right personas. Due to this, you will end up sending irrelevant information.
  • You can analyses the data if it is properly organized and use it for your future marketing efforts.

5.Repurposing is important

You need to put a lot of efforts if individual campaigns need to be made for multiple personas. Hence, you could work for one campaign and tweak a little bit, so it is relevant for another persona. For example, HubSpot has different blogs for different personas such as one for agencies or one for general marketing. HubSpot writes on the same subject for every category just tweaks a little to make it relevant. It takes a significant investment to create content. Hence, the smart option is to repurpose your content.

Finding the right people who would find your product valuable needs hard work, planning and excellent organizational skills. These were some of the tips to make SaaS inbound marketing work for multiple personas. If you have any more ideas or suggestions, please feel free to share your insights with us in the comments section below. We would be waiting to hear from you. Moreover, you can also get in touch with us.