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B2B Lead Generation
16 min read

B2B lead generation with Videos

B2B Lead generation

Videos are changing the world of content marketing. If SaaS companies are required to connect with their leads, next level video marketing is the way to go. Based on research by Cisco, the market of videos for IP traffic will be 82% in the year 2021. We know that video marketing has great potential because marketers accounted that videos generated higher ROI than any other type of content. Videos are gripping because for most people it is easy to gain attention and easy to consume. Videos are known to be a sticky type of content which keeps your visitors longer and increases the email open rate. A video is the most appealing way to tell about your product or service, and it makes it very easy to understand for potential customers.

A video is known to be the most shareable content which gets 1200% more shares than text and images. Google uses video as a ranking signal because it is known to provide the high-quality user experience. As we see, video content is viral, but still, marketers are afraid because videos can be very tricky. Hence, it is essential to carefully integrate video into the inbound marketing strategy and understand which type of videos can maximize B2B lead generation. Nowadays marketers understand how videos play across the marketing mix, but they make a massive mistake of creating videos that can only impact the top of the funnel. Marketers need to realize that to boost lead generation; they need to have a video journey which guides and engages the customers across the funnel.

Video Marketing across the funnel

We have seen that videos help to attract, educate and increase the conversions but to be effective marketers need to show the right leads at the right time. Let us discuss, how to create video marketing strategy across the funnel to generate maximum leads that turn into customers.

Top of the funnel

This stage is known as Awareness where leads have some pain point, and they are looking for a solution. They have found your website through various sources but are doing research and not serious to make any purchase. At this stage, your goal is to create a good impression, be professional and be informative. The videos used in this stage should try to establish connection since leads want to know you. Hence, leads should have a memorable experience, and the best way is to create emotional messages and share values via videos. This will generate interest among them to know your product better. When you put informative videos on social media and most significant landing pages, it can help you to retain your visitors. Let us talk about the types of videos which work well at this stage.

1.Educational videos

People are inquisitive, and they like when their questions are answered, and they get to know about new things. That’s why educational videos are viral since they provide value to your prospects. The whiteboard Friday videos of Moz has generated buzz because it provides unique and actionable advice.

These videos are delivered in a quick, simple and entertaining way. Prospects usually find video content helpful because it comes from a trustworthy source. This develops a strong connection, and the audience sees you as authority to return in future. That’s why you have a recurring hook to move the leads down the funnel.

2.Documentaries in the form of videos

Video documentaries are growing trend because they also teach something new to your leads. They have engaging content because it is story based and has a style which is comprehensive. This documentary video of Patagonia talks about an interesting subject which draws the audience, strengthen the brand values and showcase them as thought leaders.

When you share this emotional message, you are providing your leads with valuable content without asking anything in return. The video defines your brand position and makes your leads to return and move ahead with valuable content.

3.Unique and entertaining videos

These videos are short and create an emotion among the audience. The target audience feels engaged and amused. These videos are posted where quick content is popular like Vines or short Youtube videos. Let us see this famous video from Samsung.

These videos help to make your leads remember you because emotions strengthen our memories and will increase your brand recall value which makes your leads return in future.

4.Videos that explain product or service

Simple explainer videos are the first choice for companies which introduces their product or service. Various animation tools can be used to make this video creatively. Let’s look at this animated video from Mint.

The above video highlights pain points with the target audience talk about the brand values and provide screenshots of the product in action. The target audience will feel to move ahead of the funnel because this video has provided a solution for a common pain point faced by the target audience.

5.Videos that define brand values

These are promotional videos which define brand values, mission and core values which creates awareness of your brand among the target audience.

The above Volvo brand video shares an engaging story and expresses the brand values- pushing the limit, precision and expertise. The brand features are also highlighted uniquely. These videos make target audience aligned with your brand and want to know more about the brand.

Middle of the funnel

The second stage of the funnel is known as the middle of the funnel where leads show some interest in your company. They want to research more about your brand, and it is the time to nurture your leads. The content we provide at this stage should feed information about your product or service and also talk why your company is the best choice. At this stage, these leads are checking out your competitors and comparing the product or service to make an informed decision. The best way to nurture your leads is to provide more information about how you help your customers and gain their trust. The best way to send the videos is via email which can excite your target audience and differentiate yourself. Video via email can boost open rates by 20% and increase the click-through rates. Let us talk about the types of videos which work well at this stage.

1.In-depth explainer videos of product or service

These videos need to be longer than the introductory videos. It should talk about the different aspects of your product or service.

The above video is effective because we can see a real person using the product and highlighting the benefits. Visualization is a powerful tool to persuade your leads to buy and create mental connections which strengthen their desire into reality.

2.Case Study videos

At this stage, prospects would like to know about experiences other customers have had using the product or service. That’s why they are interested in case study videos. Let’s see how communication and collaboration tool Slack did it.

The above video talks about real stories and experiences customers are having after using the product. These videos offer an official endorsement and talk about the benefit of product or service. Leads get connected with the emotion that comes from the video and makes them trust the recommendation and move ahead of the stage.

3.Culture videos

Visitors mostly visit the ‘About us’ page of any website because they want to work or buy from people they like. The leads want to relate to the culture of the company and make a connection. Let’s look what Zendesk did.

The above video talks about how positive energy impacted the customer's viewer to make them think what it is like to work with the company. These videos talk about the well-rounded brand image and increase the likeability factor of the brand. It is said the more the lead likes you; they are more likely to buy from you.

Bottom of the funnel

It is the final stage of buyer’s journey where prospects make the buying decision. At this time, you want your prospects to buy from you and not from the competitor. Your prospects need to feel special at this stage and address their last-minute questions about your product or service. Emails and social media are the best places to post these videos. Let us talk about the types of videos which work well at this stage.

1.Videos that answer FAQ’s

At this stage, leads are looking answers for any last-minute questions they have and eliminate their fears. For example, McDonald Canada has FAQ videos instead of plan FAQ page. This will answer their questions in most genuine and personalised way. It makes the visitor experience that their questions are being answered by a real person. These videos influence the leads to close the deal.

2.Personalized videos

Personalization has power, and it makes the lead connect to the brand and make the buying decision. Let’s see the personalised video of a polish branch of Orange.

The above video connects to every lead and provides a unique experience. It makes the lead feel important and unexpected kindness will make the lead want to do something in return. A personalized video will make the lead feel more authentic about the brand, and they would land up buying from you instead of your competitors.

Video content is very flexible and influences to customers across the funnel. It is known to be the most powerful tool to boost B2B leads and increase the conversion. If you want to increase the speed of your leads in the funnel, you need to ensure to include effective videos in content marketing strategy. Will be waiting for your comments after you inculcate video marketing across the funnel.