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Digital Marketing
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Investing in Digital Marketing

It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout. It is a long established fact that a reader will be distracted by the readable content of a page when looking at its layout.

Investing in Digital Marketing Good or Bad?

Invest in Digital marketing – When you communicate the right message, to the right people, using the right channel it is called marketing. Digital marketing means doing the same thing using the internet and mobile devices. When everything is done right, things can seldom go wrong.

Why should one invest in Digital Marketing ?

  • You get a chance to reach broader audience.
  • Digital marketing is cost effective. You get all the advantages of traditional marketing and much more at low cost.
  • You will be in sync with the world around you and you will be at par with some of your competitors who might already be reaping the benefits of Digital Marketing

How good is Investing in digital marketing?

Let me answer your question with an example.

The story of digital marketing and White House

Digital marketing has its impact on many things and one such thing is politics. The question on “Is digital marketing good or bad” can never be best answered without real time examples. Let me take you back to 2008. Barack Obama used digital marketing to step into the White House. His marketing strategy was one of kind. Obama used a digital campaign which included website, video games, blogs etc. to engage the entire America. He also used Twitter for the purpose of political engagement. This is how digital marketing played an important role in Obama’s campaign and the rest is history!

The Trump effect

Donald Trump spent very less in direct marketing and broadcast advertising. Email advertising was Trump’s trump card. His emails were personalized. By sending out attention grabbing lines like ‘I am fighting for you!’ he procured an edge over Clinton’s strategy. This digital marketing strategy depicts the balance between customer acquisition and customer retention. With a simple and influential campaign, he made his way into the White House.

With these examples, you might have realized the sustainable competitive advantages in digital marketing. Benefits of investment in Digital Marketing as you might have understood by now, is enormous.

Successful digital marketing campaigns

Digital Marketing can contribute so much when it comes to establishing a brand. This has been well-proved and is a well-acknowledged fact too. Going further, here are a few case studies that show benefits of investing in a Digital Marketing agency.

Bentley’s “Look Closer” – Optimum use of virtual reality

Bentley, a high end car company used a strategy in which the customers can opt for virtual road trips laid out on their website. With detailed descriptions of the trips, the user can virtually travel in a Bentley and experience the ride. With virtually able to experience the car, it became easier for the customers to make a purchase decision. Are you able to realize the success of marketing here?

With the latest “Look closer” campaign, a panoramic image is created using NASA’s space exploration technology. This image can be zoomed to a great level of precision, in such a way that the Bentley motif on the passenger’s headrest can be seen. This strategy worked wonders for them as normal set of images and videos are just not enough to tempt the customer.

Shipserv – Social media and content marketing

Shipserv is an online market specializing in maritime industry. Considering the industry in question, social media marketing will not be a first choice, that too in 2008. But the business excelled due to social media, content, and inbound marketing and the result of such digital marketing served well for several years.

With a limited marketing budget and the image of being an impersonal company, Shipserv decided to craft up a marketing program. Being aware of the fact that their customers are not that much into social media, did not stop them from entering the world of digital marketing.

After extensive research, they created a social media marketing plan which involved the creation of a community online. With outstanding content, they used social media to market their business. From creation of a customer engaging website with relevant blogs and whitepapers, a content plan, and search engine optimization they did everything right and were rewarded with an increase in brand awareness, 400℅ increase in sales leads, and a 59% increase in website visitors. An investment of $30,000 on digital marketing did what a $1,50,000 investment on traditional advertising would do!

With all the above examples and case studies, the benefits of digital marketing can be well understood. Investing in digital marketing, good or bad? I would say invest right away! Contact Vajra Global.