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Social Media Management
16 min read

Social Media Management to drive your digital transformation

As a consumer, when we are interested in a new brand or if we are looking for a product or service, we look for it in Google. And then, after looking at the website, we take a look at the social media platforms. It could be Facebook or LinkedIn, Instagram, or Twitter. 

A Deloitte report stated that consumers influenced by Social Media are four times more likely to make the purchase decision. 54% of social media users browse the space to research products; 29% purchase on the same day! 

Let’s look at some more interesting stats, shall we? These are again published numbers and insights from some of the most trusted resources online!

  • There were 3.5 billion active social media users worldwide in 2019 (45% of the world's population). This rose to over 3.6 billion in 2020. The projection for 2025 stands at 4.41 billion, says Statista. 
  • Eleven new folks are getting on to social media every second.
  • 84% of consumers expect social-media-presence of brands they connect with.
  • 93% of all marketers have cited that the top benefit of using social media is more exposure for their business. 

That’s quite an indication to pay attention to social media for your business…?

Many things in these social media platforms can make or break a brand. As a consumer, you are looking for the following to understand if the brand is worth your time and dime. 

  • The regular posts that talk about the product/service 
  • The testimonials that are shared by the brand on the page
  • The engagement that the platform provides either in the form of entertainment or information 
  • The videos that explain the products and services along with the benefits, USP, and how-to
  • Check out the popularity of the brand as such based on likes, shares, and comments.

Social media management is not just another marketing activity but a lifeline in more ways than one. It is not something that is cool and fancy to have, but a necessity for your business. A social page speaks for you and talks about you. You need to roll up your sleeves and get in there. 

Social Media Management and Client Relationship Management - The Vital Bond 

If you thought this connection is a bit of a reach, it is not. Client management is more than just responding to their requests and completing a checklist. It is about understanding them, being proactive, and establishing a long-term relationship with them. Social Media is the ideal channel to leverage, identify, and understand your prospects'/clients' pain points and solve for them. And by doing so, you effectively address your own challenges, thus smoothening out the path to your brand and business end goals. 

And with the right social media strategies, you can create infotainment to engage with your visitors, convert them into customers, and then continue managing your relationship with them on the social media platform. Ergo, Client Management. 

There. Wasn’t that big of a stretch now, was it? 

Now that we have covered how Social Media Management is critical to your brand’s success, let’s dive further into what it is anyway. 

Social Media Management 

In times of need and uncertainty, today more than ever, people have been turning to social media. It is where they connect to brands, friends, and loved ones - whom they trust. 

Did you know that social media accounts for approximately 30% of all time spent online? As a brand, you will realize that social media platforms are your customer hotspots. Find the right ones suited to your business, and that is where you are more likely to find your happy customers. 

Internally, to truly unlock your social potential, get your teams involved. Your content specialists, sales, and customer service - to make each and every department more social. Social media can no longer live in a silo; it must work in tandem with the rest of your business strategy. Social media platforms are where you can grow your audience, groom them, and make them believe in you for a lifetime. And when you do this together, as an organization, you amplify its potential impact. 

Social media aids such collaboration when you have a structured approach to managing it, for its beauty lies in its diversity. As a business, you can bring your individual voice that reflects your brand,  teams, people, mission, and your values. From listening to engagement, publishing to advertising, getting to know, to connecting, you can do it all on this platform. 

Are the words ‘I have never given it this much thought’ ringing in your head? 

Well, then you can read the rest of the article. Because we are here to tell you how you can use this magical platform to become one of the finest brands of tomorrow. And by brand, we just don’t mean name and logo. We are talking about establishing a solid relationship with your customers that will bring smiles and satisfaction. 

What is Social Media Management?

Social Media Management is the practice of managing your online presence and engagement with your audience on various social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, and many others.

Media is no longer a monologue of content broadcast for consumption. It is now a dialogue - interactive, shared, open for those who want to engage. It's responsive. It's social. 

Social media aids this dialogue when planned and managed right. 

It involves drafting a tailored strategy for the chosen platforms, creating visually engaging content, publishing and promoting the posts, optimizing the page, and measuring the right KPIs to draw timely insights. It is the place where you monitor, listen, engage, and respond to your audience, aiding your online reputation management. This is, of course, apart from all the footfall it gets your website!  

Social media management goes beyond posting about your offerings and updates on your social media pages. It involves engaging with your target group and looking for innovative ways to increase visibility and reach. Being data-driven, drawing insights from the market can help draft a comprehensive social strategy. 

Why do you need Social Media Management? 

If you still need to ask that question, this is for you: Social Media Management Benefits. 

1. Brand Building 

One of the main reasons people engage with a business as a customer is because they trust the name. When you have established credibility, the value of your offerings will be seen clearly by your target audience. Building a brand should thus be a priority in your business strategy, and social media plays a critical role in creating this influence. It is where both your consumers and prospects share their opinions and interact with the brand. Create an authentic brand image and amplify your social media strategy. 

2. Driving Growth 

Growth hacking is THE word. Your prospects and stakeholders are using these platforms multiple times a day. This presents an excellent opportunity for your business to drive growth and enhance your bottom line. Establish yourself as the thought leader in the field. You should be the one that comes to your customers’ and prospects’ minds when they have a need, want, or desire for what you offer. Increase your website traffic and generate sales-qualified leads. 

3. Enhancing Engagement

Social Media Management includes creating interactive and entertaining content to induce voluntary engagement with the target audience. A strong relationship between the brand and the audience is built with the right dialogue nurtured on social media platforms. You should also consider how you plan engagement and response as a consistent part of your social media management strategy. If you plan to connect with your followers and customers, you need to know how often you intend to respond and how. Humanize your brand and let your customers know you. 

4. Building Advocacy 

Bring influencers as your partners with goodwill. Get viral. That’s a verified way to win hearts. They could be customers who love your brand and are active on your social media. Providing an incentive for advocates to participate and reposting their content helps create a strong and passionate voice on social media. It could also be your employees. 

5. Online Reputation Management

This is the icing on the cake. When you know what your customers are saying about you, you have a fair idea of how the world out there actually feels about you. Gauge the sentiment around your brand and learn more about your customers at the same time. Manage conversations on the internet that are relevant to your brand. Customer service and customer support would not be efficient or effective without social media management. 

One thing’s for sure. Social Media Management is not one post per day, and you're done. It is a journey.

To summarize, managing your social media pages in a structured manner can help establish the desired brand identity, create brand affinity, increase stakeholder engagement, and build a steady pipeline for conversions.

Need we say more? Do deep dive into your marketing strategy and check if you are using your social media right!

Talk to us for an assist here, and Unlock your Social Potential. 

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