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Social Media Management
25 min read

Social Media Management Tools 2024: Beyond Scheduling – AI, Analytics, And The Rise Of Automation

With over 4.59 billion social media users, implementing automation in social media management is crucial for your business. There are a plethora of social media management (SMM) tools that help you boost your business. This blog covers the importance of using these tools and some of the best action-driven SMM tools that help in analytics, automation, and AI.

Why are Social Media Management Tools Important?

With the rise of AI and automation in social media, SMM tools play a crucial role in time management, centralised management, organisation, analytics and insights, content planning, engagement and interaction, team collaboration, competitive analysis, and streamlining processes. They help your business improve overall efficiency, manage the online presence, and achieve goals on social media platforms.

Best SMM Tools for 2024

Businesses often struggle to select the right SMM tool for their requirements. Here are some of the best tools that help you get the best results at a reasonable cost.

1. Content creation tools

Content creation tools assist businesses in planning the content calendar and creating marketing content tailored to the buyer persona. These tools help content managers maximise their time and resources and streamline their efforts. Here are some of the best AI-powered content creation tools for your business.


Tailwind is a social media tool that provides post ideas for Instagram and Pinterest. It is a robust tool with an auto-publishing feature for timely posts and uses AI to add power to your marketing efforts. It helps you build a content calendar from scratch and amplify your efforts. Tailwind uses Ghostwriter, an AI tool that uses machine learning to generate perfect content with a consistent tone that resonates with your brand.


Did you know that Buzzsumo is one of the most used Chrome extensions across many industries? This is a very user-friendly plugin that covers a plethora of aspects, such as content ideation, curation, discovery, and research. It helps with monitoring many API features, which are quite essential for businesses. The Buzzsumo tool covers outreach, influencers, analytics insights, and analysis of real-time trends. This tool features an AI system that helps you pitch to your audience across various platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

2. Analytical tools

With analytics monitoring being crucial for your social media plan, you need a tool that provides detailed information on content, social shares, backlinks, and engagement metrics. Here are a few popular AI-powered analytics tools that help users evaluate their content performance from them and their competitors, influencers, and industry leaders.


Followerwonk is a Twitter-centered tool that helps search Twitter bios, compare users, and track and sort followers. It helps to find, analyse, and optimise Twitter followers by searching for users' bios, followed by tracking, comparing, and sorting them. It also helps to publish, measure, and listen to customers with AI-driven Twitter engagement analytics. Followerwonk features a dashboard powered by Fedica’s AI-powered tools, making competitor analysis and metrics monitoring and measurement very simple.


Agorapulse is known for its collaboration tools that help publish, monitor, and report easily. It provides a unified social inbox with intuitive publishing, social listening, and insightful analytics features. The unified social inbox helps you manage all incoming social media messages and comments in one place with a holistic view. Agorapulse provides an in-house AI writing assistant tailored for writing social media posts with the latest industry trends in mind. It suggests the best copy for your post from a list of options and chooses the one that is action-driven.

3. AI tools

AI-powered tools help in personalisation, content creation, and automation in social media management. They improve the scalability of SMM efforts with automation, predictive analytics, and Gen AI to stay ahead of the game. Here are a few popular tools that leverage AI in social media management for your business.


Feedhive is the best content recycling tool for conditional posting and content recycling. It also helps add variables to your post, enabling you to fill them with dynamic content. It supports your operations with various AI features, including an AI writing assistant similar to ChatGPT. It uses AI-powered performance predictive analytics to tweak your posts for maximum engagement. Its AI-powered content recycling helps republish or reuse new posts in the same or different channels. Feedhive also uses AI conditional posting for quick measurement of post engagement.


As one of the most popular SMM tools in the market, Hootsuite is known for its deep library of editable post templates and robust reporting tabs. It employs a resident AI tool, OwlyWriter, to quickly generate new posts based on a URL. You can get new ideas for posts along with prompts in deploying attention, interest, desire, action (AIDA), problem, agitation, and solution (PAS). Managing multiple social media feeds can be a breeze as Hootsuite provides a holistic view of the feeds side-by-side. With a bird's eye view to plot the next steps in your strategy, you can clearly see how your posts are performing. Hootsuite's idea catalogue has many templates to educate, inspire, entertain, and convert your followers. It has a built-in AI to customise any new post from these templates with the relevant data and generate captions, further reducing the time taken to reach results.

4. Automation tools

SMM automation tools help businesses consolidate their social platforms, streamline workflow, and manage multiple platforms across the board with just a few clicks. With the rise of automation in social media, it is time for you to use relevant tools for quick management. Here are a few popular automation tools that simplify your SMM efforts.


SocialBee is a robust social media management and content creation platform that uses the RSS functionality. This platform shares useful articles with your target audience. Your business can categorise your content and set it to rotate posting from each category for a diverse and robust content posting. It is also embedded with features such as auto removal of posts at a specified time and RSS functionality to automate post sharing and reposting. SocialBee features a free social media post generator that is easy to use. It allows you to pick a prompt, customise it, and share it on a platform of your choice.


Marketing and publishing tasks can often become quite mundane and resource-intensive. Sendible helps you overcome this challenge with a single dashboard and a real-time overview of your social media posts with other mentions on social media. It automatically generates analytical reports and enables easy importation of CSV files. Revolutionise your social media strategy with Sendible’s AI-powered chatbots and SMM management tools.


SocialPilot is a unique SMM tool that takes personalisation to a whole new level. It helps marketers make personalised posts and automates the scheduling process on all main social media websites, thereby saving a lot of time. It supports bulk scheduling up to 500 posts, auto distributes posts from RSS feeds, monitors interactions through the social inbox feature, and schedules first comments with relevant links and hashtags. Socialpilot’s AI assistant enables marketers to generate hashtags and social media posts by understanding customers and target audiences and using an appropriate tone.

Get Access to a Plethora of SMM Tools at Vajra Global

Subscribing to many SMM tools is sure to burn your pocket. At Vajra Global, we are a HubSpot Gold Partner with access to many SMM management tools. Instead of subscribing to various tools and paying a lump sum, you can avail of our services and access these tools at a reasonable cost. As a top social media management agency, our team of experts analyse your business from the inside out and then suggests the best tools to optimise your SMM efforts. Vajra Global is a leading MarTech agency that prioritises automation driven by GenAI and machine learning algorithms. We simplify your social media marketing efforts and are familiar with tools like SocialPilot, Buffer, and Hootsuite. These tools are the right pick for your business. If you find that none of the tools in the market satisfy your business requirements, we have got you covered. We have an in-house development team that actively works on developing AI-powered SMM applications that are sure to empower your business to the next level. Most industries are pretty sceptical of implementing AI in their SMM strategies, but we understand the challenges of AI implementation that challenge the industry and suggest the best tool that can be customised to your needs. You can get a quick audit of your business with appropriate suggestions for SMM tools for cost-effective automation of SMM efforts powered by AI with the best social media advertising solutions.