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Logo Design
8 min read

The Ultimate guide to create a Logo Design

Creative Logo Design

Before you jump to the ultimate guide to create a logo design, it is imperative that you clearly understand what a logo is?

What is a logo?

Logos can be images, texts, shapes or a combination of all the three. A logo aims to depict the name and objective of the company. However, a logo is a lot more than a mere symbol of identification. A well-designed logo should tell the company story and convey the brand message in a way it creates an emotional connect with the target audience. A logo is the first tool that establishes the identity of a brand. Hence, the logo design should be among your priorities when you plan to start a business of your own.

Primarily there are three types of logo, namely the typography-based, the literal logos and the abstract logo. A business should choose a logo based on the brand requirement, its philosophy and ethos.

What makes an excellent logo?

A logo is not just a symbol. The power a good logo can have is beyond imagination. Some of the significant characteristics of a good logo are the following:

  • A good logo should always be unique. End-users should never confuse a good logo with other companies, especially their competitors.
  • It should be recognizable. Immediately by looking at a logo, consumers should be able to associate it with a brand.
  • A good logo should be timeless. It means that even after many years of being into the market, the logo should not lose its uniqueness.
  • A good logo must reinforce a brand. The logo must rightly convey the mood, tone, and feelings of a business.
  • A good logo should also convey the message of the brand. The values in which a company believes should be conveyed through the logo.

Tips for creating a good logo

It is evident that a logo can convey the right business message to the right target audience. A well-designed logo has the power to convert people into loyal customers. To be precise, a meticulously designed logo can help a brand in more than one ways. Let us understand some of the power tips to create a great logo design for your brand.

To know the brand:

Before you start with logo design, it is crucial to know the brand well. Always keep in mind that the logo should reach a group of people who is the target audience. You should know whether a brand wants to position itself as a soft brand or a strong brand and how it wants to place itself in the market. When you have all such information handy, you can pick your logo elements that contain all the information about the brand.

Should reflect the business:

When you design a logo for a brand, ensure that it represents the business values and attributes. The colours and designs that you use should be in sync with the kind of the business one has and the products or services offered. When a logo aligns with a business, it can successfully create a brand identity.


Should be eye-catching:

As the old saying goes, ‘the first impression is the last impression’ holds for the logo design as well. The logo must attract customers again and again. To accomplish that your logo design must be unique, and the concept must stand out among the crowd.

Use the color palette carefully:

There is no denying the fact that colors play a critical role in conveying a brand message. For instance, if you are using red as the primary color in the logo design, it portrays the brand as energetic and passionate, mostly targeting young consumers. On the contrary, when blue is used, it gives an impression of intelligence and togetherness. Hence, most of the social media channels prefer blue as the color of your logo. Examples are Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. It is good to use bright and bold colors, but it should also rightly convey the brand personality. Always remember that there is a science behind colors that professional logo designers are well-aware.


Keep it simple: The golden rule of a logo design is to keep it simple. If you seek advice from experts, you will know that a simple logo is more potent than a logo that sends mixed signals. It is advisable to use one or two colours, fonts and elements. The logo should be such that the viewer can understand it at first glance. On the contrary, if a logo design has too many features, it will not create a perfect impression of the brand.

Getting started now
To sum up, to create a great logo design, one should know the brand inside out. The logo design should be simple yet catchy. It should be versatile, thereby conveying the brand message successfully. But to have all these theoretical knowledge is not enough. Logo design is easier said than done. The chances are high that amateurs will end up messing up with your logo design and in turn your brand. Hence, if you want your brand to outshine its competitors, the best option is to get in touch with us at Vajra Global. Our expert designers will go out of their way to understand your brand and business requirement so that they can come up with an enticing logo. In a digital environment like today, now or never is the mantra so pull up your socks and write to us soon.