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Fitting Social Media Designing for Brand Consistency

Assurekit is an insurance technology-based startup located in India. They enable businesses to distribute insurance quickly with ready-made secure integrations. Their goal is to execute a comprehensive digital strategy with marketing collaterals on social media platforms.



Understanding the presence of target audiences on the right social media platforms and reaching out to them with creative, engaging digital assets was a big challenge. They needed to configure insurance distribution with cross platform creative solutions for different industries. Linkedin was their primary go-to.


Our Approach:
Summarizing technical solutions and presenting them in a clear, precise and structured way was critical. As one of the top design experts in India, we created marketing collaterals keeping in mind their branding, the target industries and the profile of the buyer.



Our assets improved engagement on their social media platforms and boosted brand awareness with high traffic to their website. The number of followers on the pages increased as we helped establish the client as the authority in this space. This gave way for additional scope on the Assurekit project.