Why does your SaaS company need an Inbound Marketing Agency

Why does your SaaS company need an Inbound Marketing Agency

Many clients come to us saying they are stuck or unsure of how to move forward in their marketing plan to get the results they want. Clients have been spending time finding their ideal customers, creating a value proposition and learning some characteristics about their customers but they are facing difficulties in building customer relationship that lead to sales. Hence, we recommend our clients to have a digital marketing strategy that includes social media marketing and inbound marketing to achieve their goals.

Inbound marketing helps companies to answer questions from their target audience and help to grow the business. It also supports up selling or cross-selling of products and aids customer retention. As per research, 16% of Annual Contract Value for SaaS business is generated by upselling the products. It is also said that company’s profitability is increased by 75% if there is 5% increase in customer retention. Inbound marketing agency works where a strategy is required which is planned, managed and delivered with appropriate content.

Why SaaS companies need Inbound Marketing Agency

An agency has been successful many times to deliver Inbound Marketing strategy through their proven process. Inbound Marketing agency focuses on getting potential customers to a business, creating and sharing content specific to target market and supports to build long-term relationships with the customers. The agency creates a strategy that requires investment and comprehensive plan to be effective. A SaaS company needs a lot of information about their clients to make an educated decision where an Inbound Marketing agency plays an important role.

A successful Inbound Marketing Agency implements a system which does the following

  • Increase traffic to the website which increases the leads.
  • Build brand awareness and immediately offer a solution to customers.
  • Nurture and manage the leads.
  • Reduce the overall cost of sale
  • Improve the conversion rate
  • Encourage buyer behaviour across the sales funnel and make the sales process more efficient than the competitors.

What a SaaS company should avoid

A SaaS company should not lose focus and plan carefully for continuous, valuable information that can affect the customers. Thus, SaaS companies need to find a way to present an immediate solution which is different from their competitors. SaaS companies should avoid following outdated marketing techniques

  • Marketing that stops the flow of activity of the customers for their attention
  • Search spam and paid or rented email lists
  • Pop-ups or pop-under and banner or display ads
  • Paid app reviews

Foundations that will support SaaS companies

Inbound Strategy plan: It is not easy to create an Inbound strategy for SaaS companies, and they will require taking support of Inbound Marketing agencies which have done it many times. To create a plan, the starting point is to assess the website of the company. Later, it is essential to understand and analyse competitors- what is their content? How effective is their website or social media strategy? The next steps are to create buyer personas and brand messaging. Depending on the buyer personas, the agency will guide how to direct the content. All this would need a strategy which would require support from the agency for systematic investment and implementation.

Effective content creation and Inbound technology stack: Effective content creation is most vital part of any Inbound Marketing system.  An Inbound Marketing agency can use all the learning from planning phase and create content which targets the fears, needs and desires of buyer personas.  The agency will have their specialist skills, judgement and experience to create content that will be effective across the buyer’s journey. SaaS companies require strong call to actions (CTA), optimised pages along with quality content. This will be helpful to get the leads and have a winning conversion rate optimisation (CRO). Agency can use software’s like Hubspot, SEMRush, Buzzsumo and Passle to monitor social media, set up content, conduct keyword research and create workflows across the sales funnel. An Inbound agency can nurture leads and increase the conversion of sales by sending them emails throughout the funnel.

Blogging is the key: A blog is essential for any inbound plan. A blog is a place where SaaS companies can talk about themselves and create an edge over their competitors. It is a place where SaaS companies can establish authority, write about issues and customer needs or pain points. An Inbound agency optimises the blog and ensures right keywords are there for robust SEO framework.

How to implement a successful Inbound system

Once the plan and foundation are ready, the next stage is to implement the inbound system. Many Inbound agencies work towards targets to meet company’s goals. This approach is called Agile Scrum method. SaaS companies do not need to pay the agencies for the number of hours or resources they have put, but under this approach, the agencies will develop a set of points. Hence, the agency will deliver the work irrespective of the hours, and the points will be same. A successful inbound system can help in following ways

  • SaaS companies used to have high customer acquisition cost because they used to spend on advertising to promote their product. Inbound marketing helps to focus on organic methods to drive traffic to a website and adds value to the customer. Thus, the overall acquisition cost reduces.
  • Customers are not engaged if SaaS companies have lengthy sales cycle and will not lead to conversion. Inbound marketing focuses on educating the buyers and supporting them to make an informed decision.
  • Inbound marketing stays with the customer throughout the funnel and increases the customer lifetime value.
  • It increases the conversion rate and scale of the business.

Authorize the sales team

Inbound Marketing provides both quality and quantity of leads, and the sales team needs to deal with them. The Inbound system contains a good deal of information like the content, persona and lifecycle stage of their prospects. As buyer behaviour keeps on changing continuously, sales team find it challenging to keep up to date with the information. The sales team gets the tools and techniques that are required for the new reality by sales enablement. An inbound agency will review your sales process and align it with your goals and objectives and empower the sales team.

Let’s list down the key takeaways

Here’s the thing, the buyer’s pain points and requirements keep on changing, and the inbound system helps to maintain this information up to date. This data can be used by sales and marketing team to nurture and engage the prospects through the journey. This information can be analysed, and you can make business decisions based on it. As what we have discussed above, Inbound agency also plays a critical role across building foundations, successful implementing Inbound plan and authorising the sales team.

As SaaS companies, you are posing a high risk if they plan to implement inbound without an agency and go through the entire journey. Without the support, you might feel lost. We are here to help! At Vajra Global, we can help you put you on the right path to Inbound marketing and bring success. We can provide the expertise to bring the leads and support your journey to growth and profitability. Contact us to get started.

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