Why we love Facebook Live to be part of our SaaS Marketing strategy

Why we love Facebook Live to be part of our SaaS Marketing strategy

The difference between SaaS and traditional marketing is that SaaS marketing has its best practices and they do not market physical product. SaaS marketing is mainly digital, endless, fast and everything happens online. So, how can you master Facebook marketing for SaaS? Facebook for SaaS Marketing strategy is rewarding, but we need a clear understanding of client’s Facebook marketing funnel and ad strategies. Facebook is always evolving and has introduced a new feature on the recent trends in online video consumption and real-time updates. It is called Facebook Live which changes the way marketers and consumers approach the platform. Understanding Facebook Live is essential since it is the most significant trend in social media. Based on research from the annual B2B content marketing survey, 60% of B2B marketers are using pre-produced video as part of their online marketing strategy. Hence, we can assume a live video is the future of SaaS marketing.

What is Facebook Live and how to use it

Facebook live offers video live-streaming capabilities to its customers. Facebook live is different from other live streaming products because you can retrieve the video anytime and associate it readily with additional features. So, how does Facebook Live work?

  • Tap the live stream icon and broadcast live video from any device
  • We can write a description of the video.
  • Users can “tune in” to the broadcast, and once they tap finish button, it will be a permanent feature available on their timeline.
  • It is the best way to re-engage an inactive audience and in turn close more deals.

To give an ultimate Facebook Live experience, these are some best practices you can follow

  • You should provide quality live stream experience to attract more regular followers.
  • The users need to be aware in advance when you are planning to broadcast.
  • You need to check the connection to avoid any last-minute interruption
  • The description needs to be accurate and convincing enough to encourage participation.
  • Engage with your viewers by asking feedback and responding to their questions. You can attract new visitors by making the experience as participatory as possible.

Why we love Facebook Live as SaaS marketing strategy

1) Live video is easy, and it uses the Facebook social power

Since your brand already has a presence on Facebook, you will only need a smartphone to create a live video. Facebook live takes leverage of the Facebook social graph and provides the marketers with a lot of demographic and behavioural information of the audiences. This information offers engagement data in real time to the marketers. Hence, people will get real-time updates when their friends are watching a live video, and they can invite them. Moreover, users can jump in any time when a video is streaming, and they can provide immediate comments to engage with the video. Marketers will get real-time updates of the reaction of the viewers. Facebook updates algorithms typically to reflect and change how we create and consume content. So, in their latest update to the algorithm, Facebook has supported live videos over other content. Hence, if you are finding it difficult to reach out to your followers, live video will make it easier.

2) Facebook Live video is appealing to the youth

Content Marketers need tools that are popular among the younger generation, and video content is growing faster as the year progress. Live- streaming is appealing to the youth, and they can quickly engage with the content. SaaS marketing is successful when marketers create things that the audience want and social video create 1200% more shares than any other content. People are spending three times as long watching live videos that are taking the engagement up to next level.

3) Provide competitive edge by reaching users in real time

With the help of Facebook Live, you can reach users in-the-moment. When companies use real-time updates, they get a lot of attention from users, and it provides a competitive edge. The videos of Facebook live available even after the broadcast is terminated.

4) Companies can post live videos on their profile, page, group and event pages.

In the start, companies can broadcast live video on their profile. Next, marketers can broadcast video on company’s Facebook page which automatically provide visibility. You can broadcast Facebook Live video on Facebook groups and is visible to all the people in the group. Lastly, you can also broadcast to event pages to gain maximum exposure.

5) Marketers get immediate insights

Since marketers are page owners, they will gain immediate insights like how many people saw their live video. So, they can boost the video once the broadcast is over and also got to insights section which gives analytics for the video. This feature of Facebook live gives a significant boost in engagement and benefits SaaS marketers.

6) Provide real-time comments and reactions

Earlier, viewers would watch a video and provide their comments. But now, with Facebook live video viewers can engage during the broadcast by commenting and sending reactions which float like hearts on Periscope and props on Blab.

7) Customers will discover success with your product

A video is the best content for your customers to understand your product better and help them achieve their business goals. Facebook Live takes video to the next level since you can give live product demonstrations and interact with the audience at the same time, they can take questions in the comments section and can ask customers to provide real-life examples of how they are using the product. B2B SaaS companies find this useful since they are always looking for new ways to expand their business online. With live video, you can not only help your customers to use your product effectively but also build the loyalty of your brand.

8) Provide content upgrades to build a subscriber base

As per research, 83% of B2B marketers consider email list as essential part of making a loyal subscriber base. So, marketers should use content upgrades to generate email subscribers as crucial part of marketing strategy. A content upgrade is a free resource which can be downloaded and kept on a blog post to add value to readers in exchange of their email address. So, how will it work with Facebook live?

  • You can create a free downloadable resource as content upgrade based on the topic of Facebook Live session.
  • The content should be regarding the topic but should not contain same data as video.
  • Create a landing page and integrate with email marketing tool to collect emails.
  • In the end, start your live session and share URL of landing page middle or end of the session to get maximum email addresses.

9) Proven topics of your blog should become live videos

Blogging is a critical part of content marketing because it demonstrates your industry knowledge and builds your brand. Through blogging, you can create loyal readers and subscribers. So, if you want to make your Facebook Live video famous, you should choose blog posts which are proven among your audience. If your blog is too long, you can create multiple Facebook Live videos. Since viewers can engage and share their comments in real-time, you can include feedback from live video and use it to improve your most popular content.

10) Gain the attention of your audience

If your Facebook Live video hosts expert interviews then it can expand your brand’s reach and grab audience attention. For example, Shopify did a Facebook live video session with Tim Ferris, who is a renowned author and generated a large number of the subscriber base.

Visuals are future of content, and SaaS marketers are trying to figure out new technologies to create genuine connections between audiences and their brands. Here are few key points to remember, if you are trying to integrate Facebook Live in your SaaS Marketing strategy

  • As a marketer, you are the best person to know your audience. So, if you decide to use Facebook live to connect with people, you should do it in the way that works perfectly for your brand.
  • Before you start broadcasting, you need to be thoroughly prepared.
  • Ensure to measure your results and use this data to adjust tactics for your next video.

In the end, be prepared, have a plan, practice and go for it.

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