5 compelling reasons why your brand needs long-form content

5 compelling reasons why your brand needs long-form content

There are many types of content, but the long-form content is making a comeback this year. If you see, Facebook is preferring long-form videos and based on a study by Wochit reports, long-form videos received 79% more shares than short-form videos in 2017. Marketers are using long-form content as a content marketing tactic to stand out. As social media users are growing, long-form posts can increase your presence and promote your brand.

What is Long-form content?

Long-form content means it contains more characters than traditional posts. This form of material is intended to inform the readers. The long-form content varies as per the social media platform. Some platforms allow more characters to be in status update whereas some use specific publishing platform that enables the user to post longer.

Benefits of Long-form content

The most important aspect of an integrated content marketing strategy is social media marketing. Long-form content gives you more ways to reach your followers and expand your online presence. Following are the benefits of long-form content

  • Your content is delivered to your followers, and with so many people engaged in a social network, it can reach a new audience.
  • Use your knowledge and expertise to create content that positions yourself as an industry influencer.
  • You can also measure your performance and see who is reading your content with impression and demographic data provided by some platforms.
  • It will add new content creation space for companies.
  • Long-form content supports in connecting emotionally with your audience. Storytelling changes the perception of your brand in front of your audience.
  • In customer journey, it educates your audience at different points.

Let us discuss five compelling reasons why you need long-form content.

1) Experiment with promotion

It is helpful if you have a campaign or something to promote on the social media platform. Long form content gives an opportunity to create campaigns and experiment with ads. It is essential to develop your brand to get the new audience. Hence, ads help you to attract else’s audience and catch their eyes with something you have created. In the case of advertisements, long-form content is more potent than blog posts.

2) A way to get in touch

You should keep relation with people who are commenting on the same things you like and interested in attending conferences or events which you want. These relations will help you when you need them. Long-form content helps you to get feedback and to get in touch with your audience. Feedback is the best way to engage with your audience and promote your content. You need to ensure expert tips and influencers are included in your content.

3) Improves ranking in search results

Based on a study from serpIQ, the average length of material with over 2000 words was in top 10 results of search queries. In your guide, you need to ensure that each page is unique to improve your rankings.

4) Increases time on site and success in social media

You will see increased time on site if your content is comprehensive and genuine. Moreover, you will see more page views if you have multiple pages in a guide. As a marketer, this means more time=more trust. Inbound links help your content to be seen. Hence, long-form content attracts more links.

5) Forms Authority

Long-form content shows that your brand is an authority. For example, Help Scout has used this tactic not only to position them as an authority but also a knowledgeable educator. If you create an e-guide in your field, it increases the trust of your audience.

Let us understand how to create a useful Long-form content

  • Define your goals to decide who the content is for, why you are writing it and what will measure your success.
  • Choose whether you want gated or ungated content. I would always prefer going for ungated content because having something open gives long-term value.
  • Decide on a topic that would reach your audience and support you to accomplish your goals.
  • Now, create top quality content either yourself or hiring a freelancer.
  • Design guides which look best in appearance and is practical.
  • Once you have a long-form content, you need to plan for a robust promotion strategy.

Finally, let us discuss some brands doing long-form content successfully.

National Geographic uses its breath-taking photos and mini stories on Instagram to its fullest potential. These mini-stories are engaging enough, and it covers the who, what, when, why and how in detail.

In 2018, Hyundai created long-form videos to showcase how people are emotionally attached to small things in life. The campaign was to celebrate 20years of Hyundai in India and to reflect unique experiences of customers. We learn that if long-form video focuses on human emotion, it builds brand loyalty. Long- form works in this case because it creates space for in-depth storytelling.

Like the above brands, if you want to have a success story with long-form content, we are here to help. Kindly contact us at VajraGlobal.

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