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HubSpot Agency Partnerships
12 min read

The Rise Of Specialised HubSpot Agency Partnerships: Navigating The Evolving Landscape

HubSpot is a leading platform for inbound marketing, sales, and customer service that helps businesses grow better. HubSpot also offers a variety of partner programs for agencies, developers, startups, educators, and affiliates who want to leverage HubSpot's tools and resources to expand their offerings and expertise.

One of the most popular and successful partner programs is the HubSpot Solutions Partner Program, which is designed for agencies and service providers who want to help their clients achieve their goals using HubSpot. In this blog, we will explore the benefits and challenges of a HubSpot marketing agency partner and how to navigate the evolving landscape of this program.

HubSpot Agency Partner Support and Resources

One of the main reasons why agencies choose to partner with HubSpot is the support and resources they receive from HubSpot. HubSpot provides its partners with a range of benefits, such as:

1. Access to HubSpot’s software, training, and certifications

HubSpot partners gain access to HubSpot's software for their operations and clients. They can also utilise HubSpot Academy, offering diverse online courses and certifications covering various aspects of HubSpot and inbound marketing.

2.Dedicated account managers, consultants, and support teams

HubSpot partners benefit from two dedicated account managers: a channel account manager (CAM) focusing on sales assistance and a channel consultant (CC) catering to customer success. Moreover, priority support and access to HubSpot experts and services are provided to partners.

3. Exclusive partner events, webinars, and communities

HubSpot agencies extend exclusive invitations to virtual events offering insights from HubSpot leaders, product managers, and fellow partners. These events facilitate learning, networking, and sharing best practices. Additionally, HubSpot conducts regular webinars and maintains online communities for partners to stay connected and informed.

4. Marketing and sales enablement materials and tools

Partners can leverage HubSpot's marketing and sales resources, including white-label content, case studies, templates, guides, and tools. These resources empower partners to generate leads, seal deals, and expand their businesses.

5.Commission and revenue share opportunities

HubSpot marketing agency stands to earn commission and revenue share from HubSpot based on the deals they bring and the points they manage over time. The commission and revenue share rates increase with higher tiers.

6. Listing on the HubSpot Solutions Directory

Partners are featured on the HubSpot agency partner directory and network, a searchable database enabling potential customers to find suitable partners for their requirements. Enhanced tiers offer increased priority and visibility on the directory.

These benefits help HubSpot partners to build their skills, grow their businesses, and deliver value to their clients. They can also leverage HubSpot's network and ecosystem to connect with other partners, prospects, and customers.

Evolving Landscape of HubSpot Agency Partnerships

The HubSpot Solutions Partner Program is not static but instead dynamic and adaptive to the changing needs and expectations of the market. HubSpot constantly updates and improves its partner program to reflect the feedback and insights from its partners, customers, and industry experts.

Some of the recent changes and developments in the HubSpot partner program include:

  • The introduction of the Elite tier, which is the highest level of partnership, requires a minimum of 100 certifications, 1,950 sold points, and 1,700 managed points.
  • The launch of the Solutions Provider Package, which is a low-cost option for agencies who want to refer or resell HubSpot without committing to the full Solutions Partner Package.
  • The expansion of the HubSpot App Partner Program allows developers and companies to build apps on HubSpot's open platform and integrate them with HubSpot's software.
  • The creation of the HubSpot Partner Advisory Council, a group of selected partners who provide feedback and guidance to HubSpot on the partner program and strategy.
  • The addition of new partner accreditations, such as the Advanced Implementation Certification and the CMS Implementation Certification, demonstrate the partner's expertise and proficiency in specific areas of HubSpot.

These changes and developments show that HubSpot is committed to providing its partners with the best possible experience and opportunities and keeping up with the latest trends and innovations in the industry.

HubSpot Partner Agency Tiers and Levels

The HubSpot partner tiers are a way to measure the success and growth of HubSpot solutions partners, who are agencies or consultants that help clients use the HubSpot platform. The tiers are based on the total points earned by the HubSpot agencies, a combination of sold and managed points. Sold points are earned by selling HubSpot software to new or existing customers, and managed points are earned by servicing existing customers. The higher the tier, the more benefits and recognition the partner receives from HubSpot.

The four tiers are:

1. Gold: The entry-level tier that requires at least one HubSpot-certified employee, 113 sold points, and 38 managed points. Gold partners have access to HubSpot resources, training, support, and a listing on the HubSpot Solutions Directory.

2. Platinum: The second tier requires at least 10 HubSpot-certified employees, 270 sold points, and 150 managed points. Platinum partners enjoy additional benefits such as priority support, co-marketing opportunities, and a dedicated channel account manager.

3. Diamond: The third tier requires at least 25 HubSpot-certified employees, 570 sold points, and 550 managed points. Diamond partners receive more perks, such as exclusive events, advanced training, and increased commissions.

4. Elite: The highest tier requires at least 100 HubSpot-certified employees, 1,950 sold points, and 1,700 managed points. Elite partners are the top performers in the program and have access to the most exclusive benefits, such as strategic consulting, custom development, and VIP treatment at HubSpot events.

The tier system also helps prospective customers identify the partner level they would like to work with based on their expertise, experience, and results.

Predictions for the Future of HubSpot Agency Services

The future of HubSpot marketing agency is bright and promising as more and more businesses are looking for solutions to help them grow better in the digital age. HubSpot partners are well-positioned to meet this demand, as they have the skills, tools, and resources to deliver value and results to their clients.

Some of the predictions and trends that we can expect to see in the future of HubSpot agency services are:

  • More specialisation and differentiation: HubSpot partners must find their niche and unique value proposition as the market becomes more competitive and saturated. HubSpot partners will also need to diversify their offerings and expertise as the needs and expectations of their clients become more complex and diverse.
  • More collaboration and integration: HubSpot partners will need to collaborate and integrate with other partners, platforms, and providers as the ecosystem becomes more interconnected and interdependent. HubSpot partners will also need to leverage HubSpot's open platform and app marketplace as the demand for more functionality and customisation increases.
  • More innovation and experimentation: HubSpot partners must innovate and experiment with new strategies, tactics, and technologies as the industry evolves and changes rapidly. HubSpot partners must also embrace new opportunities and challenges like artificial intelligence, automation, privacy, and social responsibility.

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