Use Data From Free Trial to Boost Your SaaS Marketing

Use Data From Free Trial to Boost Your SaaS Marketing

Companies use various tricks or ideas to market their software in front of their prospective clients. Software buyers are aware of the features and benefits, but they will not get convinced unless they try it on their own. They either need a free demo, free trial or download. A Free trial is the best way for the customer to evaluate the software. But, what is a free trial? A Free trial allows the users to use the software for free for a specified period of time. Free trial showcases your value to the customers and helps them to decide to buy or not. It is a lead generation technique to engage your potential customer and sell the solution. The data from free trials is used for content marketing strategy, and trial customers become paying customers by effective communication. Based on research, 66% of companies who use free trial method have only 25% of conversion rate. This is because companies fail to be in touch with the trial users. These issues need to be resolved to boost your SaaS marketing.

Use Data from Free Trials to Boost Your SaaS Marketing


Let us check out in detail how data from free trials can be used to boost your SaaS Marketing

 1.Use the right sign-up form

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The free trials sometimes take 7 to 30 days; hence users need to create an account by filling up a sign-up form. Most of the companies have sign-up form as a link or button that states Free trial which takes to a dedicated landing page. They usually use high-quality graphics and repeatedly state the benefits of the product. There are even other ways to engage the customers before the sign-up form. For example, STEALTHbits Technologies Inc, used gallery format as icons to request for free trial and the “Download Now” links took the customers to simple sign-up form. Moreover, Clever Inc used a sign-up button which triggered a pop up with icons based on the role of the visitor. Many companies use a short sign-up form so that it is easier for the visitor to fill it.

2.Ask questions to build up data for content.


Design questions for your trial users in such a way that you can all the information you require to create content for blog, post and videos. Thus, your content marketing strategy would understand needs and add insights to your buyer personas. One of way is to have short, easy and direct requests for information. We need to ensure it is easy for the trial users to become a customer and accordingly develop content that will accelerate their decision to buy. Another way is to gather information is a passive way. It is done when a visitor lands on the website and you can passively monitor the pages, number of logins and time spent by the user. Once the data is collected, you can create content based on individual needs. For example, if a user is spending a lot of time on a particular page means you can understand what are their requirements. Later, you can use this data to provide them information accordingly and ensure that they turn into buying the customer. A pop up with feedback survey can also be helpful. You can also have a forum where community decisions can take place which can give you valuable insights to shape the content and respond if there are any misunderstandings. As the trial is progressing, you can set triggers by percentage if trial period completed, a number of logins and development through various tasks achieved. In this way, the user would relate to you as a partner who would solve all their problems. Thus, data built up in all these ways can boost your SaaS marketing.

3.Engaging the inactive users

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Many users who sign up, they look around and do not log in again. It can be one of the following reasons

  • The software did not fulfil user’s needs
  • Needs of company and user’s position of company changed
  • Login information is lost by the user
  • Software isn’t well-suited to company’s needs
  • User purchased product from other company

If these are the reasons, then you should reevaluate your buyer personas.

4.Communication plays an important role


Data can be used to analyze and send the right message to the potential customers. The following ways can be used to engage your users and convert each one of them into buying customers.

  • Send a personal welcome mail once the user enters the trial
  • Send mails like “We miss you” to engage inactive users
  • A free trial extension can be offered to active users who can turn after the trial is over
  • You can send text messages. As per data, 99% of text messages are read within 3 minutes and there is less competition as compared to emails. Feedback can also be asked via text since it is fast.
  • In case of users who do not convert from trial to paid can be offered discounts
  • Provide incentives to active trial users to complete the trial and convert early

This was a brief summary on how you can make effective use of data from Free Trials to push your marketing efforts towards success and higher sales. If you are using this valuable data in any other interesting way, please share your insights with us in the comments section below. We’d love to hear your strategies. Alternatively, you could also get in touch with us to discuss how we can help you channelise your marketing strategies.

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