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Marketing Automation
9 min read

Best Marketing Automation Software

Marketing Automation

Marketing is about reaching your target audience without looking too eager and yet convincing them to make a purchase even if they do not need it immediately. However, as digital marketing is increasingly data-driven, the future lies in automating many of the marketing processes, if not all.

The race to reach everyone that is relevant to your product offerings is only bound to get more competitive as time goes on. The best marketing automation software tools can enable you to reach the right audience at the right place at the right time on the right platform.

Best Marketing Automation Software

With the advent of Artificial Intelligence being applied across domains, lead generation and marketing automation were the next dominoes to fall. Digital marketing automation is integral to automating repetitive tasks and saving creativity for the parts that need to design and decide the process.

When it comes to collecting data points and giving insights applicable to the campaign itself, creating a data flow across various sources & streamlining workflows, and measuring outcomes is critical. Let's understand the best of what the market has to offer and analyze what's the right choice for you.


A well-known marketing tool that is probably the most developed. It helps you develop strategies at every stage of your customer journey through data analysis and business intelligence. Having a headstart always helps; Marketo was launched in 2006 and has been going through iterations to provide the best results.

Marketo has all the bells and whistles you need regarding advanced tools and functionality. It's perfect for someone looking to know their customer's data for the first time and start developing features and the future through SEO automation. And with an extensive knowledge base, you can generate data within minutes. While it can be on the more expensive side; it is definitely worth the money.


B2B is at its core and fully loaded with everything you need. A 2k dollar bill per month means it is not a tool for everyone but the people who have the time to train themselves get the best use out of it alone; the tool is powered with SEO Automation and Search Marketing Automation as well.

Eloqua provides a lot of help to customers who want to learn their tools from A to Z. With one of the best CRM integrations across vendors, Eloqua stands a step above its competitors. It is the costliest automation software but offers much more than its competition.


The future lies with those who can adjust and get the most out of the constraints. The key lies in a simple, lightweight, and easy user experience for companies starting their marketing journey. That's precise customer-centric digital marketing automation software. While it's not all out-of-the-box, with a bit of tweaking and development on top of this tool, you can completely customize your experience.

Customer is the go-to tool for someone looking to start their search marketing automation journey, along with enterprises with the tech bandwidth to develop according to their necessities. Unlike traditional automation software, customer.io can understand the context and trigger emails depending on events. They offer a freemium account option and a very affordable $75 dollar-a-month package.

Constant Contact

Small businesses and their owners need basic functionality that is not too complicated when used by non-technical users. With email, text, and social media marketing power. empower your digital journey with marketing automation.

Constant Contact has a lot of support from people looking for a simple tech solution with no huge requirements down the line. Optimized for small business setups and SEO automation, it costs a very affordable $15/month.


Hubspot's digital marketing automation tools bring several solutions under one umbrella. Save valuable time by investing in automation instead of waiting to connect various datasets and producing scattered results. The balanced products provide incredible value for money, and Hubspot brings premium features within affordable ranges; as a bit of everything.

Hubspot is great for the everyday small business do-it-all owner; it beats Constant Contact in one particular aspect. It's beyond the boundaries of email marketing with search marketing automation. With a basic version of every marketing system, Hubspot is the one to invest in.

Best Marketing Automation Strategy

The way to categorize the solution that suits you the best depends on who you are:

  • If you're a small and medium business, your focus would be on understanding what you want and trying low-cost high-functionality options like Constant Contact and HubSpot.
  • If you're an established business: you'll be looking for insights into your customer behavior; Look for options like Marketo and Eloqua.
  • If you're looking for data-driven approaches for a futuristic digital marketing automation solution: look into userfox and customer.io.

Vajra Global: Your Marketing Automation Partner

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