Automation: How it can influence your Digital Marketing Strategy

Automation: How it can influence your Digital Marketing Strategy

In this digital era, nobody wants to spend a lot of time and effort into doing tasks manually. People want to find new technologies and integrate with their marketing strategies which can bring huge success. Lately, marketing automation is creating a lot of buzzes and it is the future of digital marketing. To handle today’s complex digital marketing environment, marketers are automating marketing strategies to improve the result and reduce marketing effort. So, it is crucial to automate digital marketing strategies. But before going ahead, let us first understand some basics.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing Automation is the use of technology to manage various marketing processes and campaigns automatically which increases revenue and maximises efficiency. It helps in lead generation and nurturing, target customers by sending automated messages and measure the overall ROI on campaigns. Since automation handles repetitive tasks, it reduces human error. A good automation system can scale alongside your business. The main aim for marketers is to generate better revenue and automating digital marketing strategy can drive better ROI to your efforts.


As we know what Marketing Automation does, let us get some understanding of how it can impact your digital marketing strategy.


  • Organise the digital marketing process efficiently

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Most companies regardless of size saw that marketing automation brought about a seamless alignment between the sales and marketing team. They collected a lot of metrics and data on the buyer’s journey that led to shifting from the traditional forecast sales line model to a more productive data-driven model. Marketing Automation is an integrated solution that eliminates some repetitive digital marketing process and schedules all marketing activities within your budget and requirement.


  • Generated a lot of customer data

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Customers go for businesses who give them exclusive offers based on their needs. With marketing automation, marketers are able to track their customers’ search pattern and design offers and campaigns accordingly.


  • Increase in traffic

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With Marketing Automation, you can automate all the digital marketing processes like email marketing, campaign management, social media marketing, marketing analytics and CRM. This leads to an overall increase in website traffic.


  • Better control over finance

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Marketing automation can help marketers to make their work faster and easier. So, you do not require to spend unnecessary money to implement better tools for the digital marketing process. Marketers will have a better idea to plan and organise their marketing campaign and budget effectively.


  • Helps build connections with customers

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Customer communication is crucial for any business and have few resources to interact is not a wise choice. So, automation helps you to connect with your customers in a strategic manner. To be connected to customers 24/7. automating email marketing and using chatbots technologies are a popular choice.

  • Greater ROI

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Marketers can ensure the maximum ROI by effectively channelizing your digital marketing campaign. The most important benefit of automation is the predictability of marketing efforts. Based on the data from automated systems, you can predict the strategies that are working and managing them can bring better ROI.


So, what should you do before automating the digital marketing strategy?

Here are some tips to get the best outcome

  • Determine the tasks which are to be automated
  • Choose the appropriate software
  • Provide training to your employees who work in the marketing team and educate them so that they are ready to accept the change.
  • Analyse and measure the effectiveness before implementing the software and make adjustments accordingly at the right time


Did you know?


  • 92% of small businesses lose money every month because they ignore marketing automation
  • Moreover, marketers who are using this technology see conversion rates as high as 50%.


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